Information On The Wifi Range Extender

Wifi Range Extender

Wifi Range Extender – A Gadget to Increase Wireless Speed and Coverage At Home And Office

Almost every individual living in this modern world is dependent on the internet. This hobby or to some – this necessity has even contributed to the need for a computer. And going wireless – most professionals carry laptops. You may not need a specific internet connection, with wifi range extender, sharing of the internet is highly possible. With a few gadgets such as the wifi range extender, you got your savings and use of the internet in the fast and adequate hook-up. 

Functions Of The Wifi Range Extender

  1. The wireless range extender can increase the distance over which the WLAN signal spreads in a certain location. Thus it covers a wider area. This is done because it can overcome obstacles and it can also enhance the signal capacity of a certain networks.
  2. It also functions as a network repeater or a relay wherein it can pick up the wifi signals from a router on a base station.
  3. It can connect wirelessly to any wifi router or to a given access point.

Wifi range extenders

The range extender is also called range expander or signal booster. This device may be used only on a limited basis as it works with a specific set of equipments. So when buying a sample, you have to check the manufacturer’s information on compatibility. Here are 3 brands of wifi extender/expander.

  • Cisco-Linksys WRE54GRefurb Wireless-G Range Expander

This is an easy way to increase the coverage of any wireless network. Unlike linking to a traditional access point, this gadget allows you to get connected to your network without the need for any data cable. You just have to place it in a location near the wireless router or the main access point. The signals will be bounced into distant and hard to reach areas. Its repeater and relay station capabilities will enable you to build a wireless network structure. This is compatible with both the wireless-G and wireless-B devices.  Installation is fast and easy – just plug and press the button. It will then find your wireless network and configure by itself. This is Cisco technology.

  • Hawking HWREN1 Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Range Extender

This is a Hawking technology – external, wireless and a repeater. It functions to double the range of any wireless network. This is a repeater with high compatibility with other devices as it can work with most networks and access points. It eliminates various wireless dead spots, whether it is used at home or in the office. It is easy to set-up because of its set-up wizard.

  • Netgear Universal Wifi Range Extender WN2000RPT

The technology keeps intact your present wireless equipment. It improves or even eliminates dead zones. Using this will enable you to roam anywhere in the house or office and you do not have to worry about coverage. This works with wifi protected set-ups and it is compatible with wireless b/g/n routers. It goes with a bonus feature – a 4 Ethernet ports that will enable you to connect to gaming consoles, blu-ray players and internet TVs. This is a Netgear technology.

For a group of internet users stationed in one location – one house or same office – the wifi range extender can eliminate your problems of restricted distance coverage. A wifi range extender can let you work or cruise the internet from places you would have otherwise been able to, like your couch or outside pool.